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          The Phyle, or what is known more descriptively as the Monument Hill of the Muses, is one of the Athens attractions that quite a number of people are interested in. This is because of the historical significance of the hill, which served as a measure of defense for the area around it. It is believed that the hill was part of a circle of frontier fortresses that were constructed during 4th century BC as a protection against Boeotian and Megarid attacks.Situated on a rectangular plateau on a craggy mountain, the Phyle is the commanding presence that can be found on the pass which led the old Athens road to the Tanagra in Boeotia. As one of the historical Athens attractions, it is said that the site of this Monument Hill of the Muses was the setting of an older fortress, where Thrasyboulos gathered his followers for an attack on the Thirty Tyrants in the year 403 BC. The western and southwestern parts of this fortress, which had collapsed into the gorge, was dug up in the year 1900 by Skias. There are great stretches of the dressed stone walls of the old fortress that have been preserved on the southeast and eastern areas.