Hotels in The Roman Agora or Forum

          The Roman Agora or Forum Details

          Discovering and exploring the city's many ancient wealth and wonders are among the most fascinating activities in Athens that can be done by any tourist. One of these treasures is the Roman Agora, which you can access by entering from the corner of Pelopida and Eolou. This agora or forum, which is regarded to be an extension of the Greek agora, is comprised of monuments coming from different Athenian eras.The Roman Agora is also the site of a mosque that was constructed here after Mehmet II conquered the Byzantine empire during the year 1453. Viewing all of the relief sculptures of the eight wind gods that make up the Tower of the Winds or Aerides is also one of the activities in Athens that you can do in the Roman Agora. One of the highlights of this lovely monument is that of the wind god Boreas, who is depicted as blowing on a shell. The ruins of a Roman Latrine can be found near this Tower of Winds.