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      Aegina (or Egina) Island lies off the south central mainland of Greece. It lies close enough to Athens that many people live on the island and commute each day to their Athens jobs. This lovely island will make you feel as though youve left the world behind, though youll have plenty to occupy you for the weekend. Egina has gorgeous beaches and a friendly laid back attitude. For such a small island, there are a fair number of Egina hotels. can help you sort through them and find one that suits your needs, whether youre looking for a resort or one of the cheap hotels Aegina offers. If youre on a budget, finding Aegina cheap hotels can give you the same access to the beach and beautiful Mediterranean, without spending too much money. Youll find plenty of beautiful cafes right along the water here. This beach town atmosphere is one of the things that makes Egina so enjoyable. But there are museums and sights here, too. The Greek Orthodox cathedral of Agios Demetrios is where the first government of modern Greece was sworn in. Its worth the visit simply for its beautiful architecture. The last remnant of a temple built in the 5th or 6th century BC to Apollo is north of the city. The Aegina Archaeological Museum was the first of its kind in Greece, and is home to some significant finds from this island.