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                The little village of Idra, (also known as Hydra), located on the Idra Island, is nestled in a harbor between two sloping hills. The sight of the harbor is very picturesque. Youll not only enjoy the beauty of its location, but if you want a busy weekend, Idra has galleries, restaurants and stylish bars, not to mention historical attractions. There are many sights to visit such as the many manor houses of Miaoulis or the Tobazis, which still retain the rich history of Greece. Located in the center of town is the 17th century monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin. Youll find all the Idra hotels quite accommodating. There is a wide variety of hotels in Idra, offering dynamic views of the harbor. For the best rates on discount hotels, Idra has a wide selection to choose from. In Idra, cheap hotels are available and offer many of the services youll find in some of the most well-known hotels in Greece. If you need to find a great price on a hotel, go to and book your vacation now.