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Located in the central portion of the country, Boeotia, Greece is a larger area with a rich history. On one side of the city is the Gulf of Corinth and the Gulf of Euboea is located on the other side. The area has served Greece as a fertile agricultural region since ancient times. Stay at one of the cheap hotels in Boeotia, Greece and you are sure to experience the culture of the city.Visitors to the city will be able to stop and see some of the monuments there. Monuments can be found dating back to the Mycenaean period and to the first millennium B.C. Still, there is a strong Christian representation in the city with the churches of Skripou. Visitors can explore the archeological sites and ruins that dot the landscape. There are towers with observation decks for gazing out over the region as well. The city is popular for its history, having been destroyed by Alexander the Great in 335 B.C. and its destruction in the 13th century by Catalan mercenaries. In many instances, you can find affordable hotels near Boeotia, Greece nearby to these locations.