Hotels in Polihrono

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Polihrono Details

If you want to be in a quiet beach with traditional amenities, Polihrono beach should be your destination for the weekend. Polihrono is slowly rebuilding after a fire ravaged some parts of the villages around it. However, the warmth and hospitality of the people still remains. Excursions are available in Polihrono with guided tours that will take you to the nearby Turtle Island. Here, you can swim and explore the great natural beauty in the area. Polihrono is also located close to the Chrysopigi where you can spend a wonderful day in the sun and also visit the Monastery of Panagia, a scenic whitewashed monastery located on a hill facing the sea. If youre staying in one of the hotels in Polihrono, make sure that you ask for an excursion around the islands. In Polihrono, discount hotels offer visitors a reasonable rate. There are also Polihrono cheap hotels that provide a beautiful view of the beach and various equipments for water activities. These Polihrono hotels can be booked online for the lowest rates in