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        Chios Island, Homers Craggy Chios, is the fifth largest island in Greece. Here, you can climb the hills with their few trees or visit castles and small villages. Tourists can go see to Pyrgia with its unique black and white geometric facades decorating the homes. There is also the village of Mesta. In the 12th century, a castle-like wall arose from the interconnection of several buildings. You can also visit Kontari. A weekend in Kontari usually involves water activities. This is one of the things to do in Kontari. One of the major Kontari attractions is its beach. You can however, enjoy other Kontari sights that extend beyond the beach. Visit the castle or fortress in the Kabos area of Chios Town. See if you can partake in traditional Chios and Kontari culture. Arrive in time to watch the inhabitants harvest the sap from, an evergreen shrub, the mastic. They use this to manufacture a resin formerly employed globally in making chewing gum. Today, if you go shopping in Kontari or Chios Town, you may be able to purchase this resin in the form of cosmetics and chewing gum.