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        Chios is the capital city of the island of Chios. The island is located approximately 5 miles from the Turkish coast. The city of Chios is often referred to as Chora by the locals. Chora literally means the town. Chios has a lengthy list of nearby villages and towns and so a side trip can always be considered for the weekend. The hotels in Chios are available for anyone no matter what their budget. Chios hotels can provide a level of service to suit the needs of any traveler. The discount hotels Chios has available can be found using Using Chios cheap hotels can definitely save some money. Nea Moni Monastery dates back to the 11th century and was built with the direction of Emperor Monomahos. However, because it took over 12 years to build, Monomahos never saw its completion. Daskelopetra the teachers stone is located at the foot of Mount Epos. This is where Homer taught his students. Atop this stone is a carved rock that stands about 1m. From the plateau there is a view of the sea and Asia Minor. The Castle is an important historical monument in Chios. It was once the shelter for Turks and Genoese although it was originally built by the Byzantines. Inside The Castle is a museum with artifacts from the Byzantine period.