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    The North Ionian Island of Corfu sits at the entrance to the Adriatic. It is host to many different sights and tourist attractions. You can wander through secluded sea caves, see the Achillion Palace at Corfu Town built in 1889 by the Empress Elizabeth or climb up Pelekas to see Kaisers Throne. There are hill villages and small towns. If you want to escape from large crowds go to visit Ipsos. If you spend a weekend in Ipsos, you will have time to explore the rest of the island. The major Ipsos attractions center on its yellow sand and shingle beach. Ipsos tourism boasts about this and the nearby beaches of Barbáti. As a result, things to do in Ipsos focus on the coast. You can go to the diving center or any of the two jettys. You can swim, dive or parasail. If you are interested in other Ipsos sights, you walk along the beach to the coves or to Mount Pnndokrátor. You can also go shopping in Ipsos on the main road. For expressions of Corfu and Ipsos culture, you may visit the Palace of S. Michael and S. George in Corfu Town.