Hotels in Benitses

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Benitses Details

Benitses is located in south of Corfu town about 8 miles. The village is very tiny with a population of only around 800 residents of which tourism is the only occupation. The town is known for its traditional feel and beautiful natural surroundings. The town is perfect for a quiet get away weekend. Benitses leads to the emerald valley behind which is full of criss-crossed paths. The hotels in Benitses can offer services and amenities to suit any travelers needs. Benitses hotels are available to fit into any budget. The discount hotels Benitses has available can be found effortlessly using Staying in Benitses cheap hotels allows extra budget space for the local attractions. Some recent archeological excavations have uncovered Roman public thermal baths that are in relatively good condition. The baths display a magnificent mosaic floor. Palaio Fruorio or The Old Fortress is located in Corfus port. The original draw bridge that went over the moat has been replaced by a steel bridge that now connected the fortress to the city. The New Fortress or Neo Fruorio was built in 1576 and was completed around 1645. It overlooks the port and is known to be one of the finest displays of fortress architecture.