Hotels in Agios Georgios Emboriou

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Agios Georgios Emboriou Details

Agios Georgios Emboriou is one of the many settlements found in Santorini. Santorini is an archipelago if volcanic islands in the southern Aegean Sea. The total of Santorini has a population of about 14,000. Agios Georgios Emboriou is one of eight settlements. The close proximity to more major Greek cities makes Agios Georgios Emboriou a great destination for the weekend. Agios Georgios Emboriou is known for its string of windmills as you enter the city. Hotels in Agios Georgios Emboriou are capable of offering services and amenities to suit every travelers needs. The discount hotels Agios Georgios Emboriou has to offer are found with little effort using Staying these hotels allows travelers to have a little extra budget space. Red Beach is located near Akrotiri. It is the most famous of all the Santorini beaches. Its location is quite quiet but it is often fairly busy with visitors. It is known for its red cliffs that extend right into sand of the same color. Castle Remains and Goulas are both located in Agios Georgios Emboriou. The castle was built in the medieval years and the remains are still visible. The Goulas is just north of the village. This strong square building was used to protect the people from pirates. Ancient City of Thira is located in Kamari. It was settled by the Spartans in the 8th century B.C. It is located on the top of Mesa Vouno.