Hotels in Agios Ioannis

    Agios Ioannis Details

    The small town of Agios Ioannis is part of the delightfully atmospheric island of Seriphos (Sérifos). In turn, the island is part of a larger group of Greek islands circling famous Delos, the Cyclades. While it may be more difficult to find a hotel in Agios Ioannis in season, will help you. This ensures you can spend time exploring the beaches and the sights. From the window of many hotels in Agios Ioannis, you can see the church. This small church of St. John (Agios Ioannis) sits cared into the rock. It is typical of the island’s architecture. It is Byzantine in structure and simple in execution.Nearby, the houses reflect the characteristics of the local designs. There is a predominance of white homes with colorful windows and doors. You will notice the favorite color is blue. If you visit the church, you can see below you the beach. It bears the name of the village. Agios Ioannis beach features small pebbles and sand. The trees provide shade for sun bathers. From here, you can wander back to your rustic Agios Ioannis hotel. Sit in the shade and sip a local drink. If you want to stay longer, opt for family-run budget Agios Ioannis hotels. This way, you can relax in quiet for a while longer.