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        Aliki is located on Paros Island approximately 10 miles from the capital city of Parikia. Aliki is known as a fishing town and faces the island of Antiparos. Aliki is said to have ruins of an ancient town at the bottom of the sea. Its popularity as a fishing destination makes it perfect for the weekend. The hotels Aliki has available can accommodate any budget. Aliki hotels offer different services and amenities to suit any travelers needs. The discount hotels Aliki has to offer can be found effortlessly using Staying in Aliki cheap hotels makes it possible to stretch the budget for shopping and site seeing. Annual Fish Festival occurs in Aliki and involves many different elements of traditional culture. It is famous for its traditional dance, food, and wine. The Archeological Museum in Parikia is known for its ancient chronology: Parian Chronicle. The chronology is so important because it dates actual and mythical dates and times from the time of Cecrops. Petaloudes Park or the Valley of Butterflies is located in Petaloudes on Paros Island. This nature reserve is the location where a species of moths come to mate each year. This park is lush and green when the rest of the island is quite dry.