Hotels in Imerovigli

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Imerovigli Details

Located on the northern part of Santorini Island, about 1.2 miles from Firi, the capital city of the island, high atop a hill, facing a volcano, is the incredibly charming town of Imerovigli. If you’re looking to relax and have a quiet weekend, Imerovigli is the perfect refuge. Agio Pnevma, a small church in the town, has breathtaking architecture. In nearby Firi, there are many museums like the Archaeological Museum which exhibits a fine collection of Roman and Hellenistic sculpture or Museum of Prehistoric Thera with its collection of prehistoric art.Imerovigli hotels have some of the finest accommodations in the entire island of Santorini. Hotels in Imerovigli offer great amenities and if you’re stay there will surely leave you with a memorable holiday. Looking for discount hotels Imerovigli is very affordable. While staying in Imerovigli, cheap hotels offer accommodations that can match the comforts found at the finer hotels. All the information you need to book your vacation plans is available at