Hotels in Kamari

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Kamari Details

Located on the southeastern coast of Santorini, is the village of Kamari. With a multitude of restaurants, bars cafes, boutiques, and shops, Kamari has everything a traveler needs for a great holiday weekend. Kamari Beach is formed in the shape of a moon when it is crescent. The Kamari Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Santorini. If you love architecture, you will enjoy the Panaghia Episkopi which is where the official name of Kamari came from. In the middle of August, you can take part in the Feast of the Virgin Mary. If you like watching movies in the open air, you may pay a visit to the Open Air Cinema which also holds a Jazz Festival and a variety of summer concerts annually.Some of the finest accommodations in Santorini are available at all the Kamari hotels. You’re certain to have a vacation full of memories if you stay at hotels in Kamari. With regards to discount hotels, Kamari offers a wide variety. In Kamari, cheap hotels are readily available and you can reserve your vacation at