Hotels in Karterados

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Karterados Details

With the name that means hiding, Karterados makes sure you are hidden away from the world. This simple town, known for its beach, is often visited every weekend. Karterados Beach has fine black sands with and an excellent view of the view of the clear blue waters. Also known as the Exo Gialos, accommodations are located near the shore. From this beach, take a walk to the livelier Monolithos beach. More accessible, the beach is flocked for its gray and landscaped sands where you can have fun with your family. You should also know that Karterados is right in the bed of a dry river. While there, visit their church build on the river bed. The church was elevated so that its roof could at least be at the level of the sea. You can find most of the hotels in Karterados near the seafront. Karterados hotels provide visitors a rare view of the sea and various water activities are available in many of these discount hotels. Karterados is also known as a traditional village and a tour around it will definitely be a time travel. Its recommended you book a travel package in with Karterados cheap hotels. Most of these packages include a tour around town with reasonable rates.