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Paraportiani Details

The Paraportiani is one of the most famous architectural structures in the whole of Greece. As such, it is also among the best Mykonos attractions that you must find time to visit. Paraportiani is the main featured structure of the Kastro area, which is the oldest part of town. The name of this Greek church translates to inner or secondary door as it can be located within the Medieval stone walls that surround the area. First started in the year 1475, there are really five churches that comprise the Paraportiani. They were all constructed over a period of time and did not see completion until the 17th century. Four of the churches were molded together to act as the base for the 5th church, which formed the main domed-roof of the two-story building of the Paraportiani.

Address: Kastro-Paralia, Mykonos Town 84600, Greece