Hotels in Naxos Chora

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Naxos Chora Details

Naxos-Chora is a lovely island of Greece located in the very southern end of the country. If you visit the island by boat, you will pass through the very small Island of Myrtidiotissa with a small chapel in its center. Looking directly at the wonderful land, you will notice the castle on top of the mountain. Though it’s not one of your fairy tale castles, the Naxos Castle and the Tower of Glezos is a fortification where you can visit at anytime. However, aside from the beaches, the tourist area that you should take a look is the unfinished Temple of Apollo built in 522. Popular legend has it that if the city of Istanbul is returned to Greece, a door will appear in this unfinished temple.You can easily enjoy the hotels in Naxos-Chora when you visit for the weekend. Naxos-Chora offers a fine sanded beach with lots of discount hotels. Naxos-Chora wants its visitors to know their background and history. Because of this, Naxos-Chora hotels especially the packages with Naxos-Chora cheap hotels can give you a tour around the village. You can get the best rates for Naxos-Chora hotels in