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Temple of Demeter Details

There are many people who are very much interested in the ancient temples of Greece that were erected in honor of gods and goddesses in the Greek mythology. One of these temples is the Temple of Demeter, which is one of the attractions of Naxos and was said to have been constructed during the 6th century BC. Although the temple was in a state of complete devastation, it has undergone almost complete restoration starting 10 years ago.It was discovered, that although the temple was partially destroyed during the 6th century AD to make way for the construction of a chapel on the site, almost all of the pieces of the original structure are still on the site. Either they have been integrated into the chapel or buried underneath. Because of this, a painstaking reconstruction process was done and as most of the work has already been done, the basic form of the original temple can already be seen at present times. One of the few known temples built under the square plan, the Temple of Demeter is definitely one of the most worthwhile attractions in Naxos that you can discover.

Address: Southern Aegean, 843 02, Greece