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The Portara Details

There are many activities in Naxos that can occupy your time. However, there are only a handful of worthwhile ones that will surely leave you satisfied and thoroughly pleased and one of these is discovering the Portara, which is on the harbor of the town. The scenic silhouette of the Portara or the Great Door is set right on the islet of Palatia, which can be accessed through a causeway at the northern tip of the town's harbor.Coming here is among the best activities in Naxos that you can do during your stay, as it is believed that this monumental door is the only thing that remained of the huge Temple of Apollo, the construction of which was said to have been started during the 6th century BC. It was said that the temple was so large that it was never even completed. There are many people who believe that most of the temple was carried away to be used as building materials for other structure and monuments and only the doors remained because they were too heavy for anyone to cart off.

Address: Hora, Naxos Town, Greece