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Ekatondapiliani Details

As one of the finest examples of a Greek Orthodox Church, the Ekatondapiliani is a Byzantine church that was built by Ignatius with a 6th century design. As one of the more interesting attractions in Paros, the church also features a bright chapel that is shaped like an imperfect cross, which is a common design among Byzantine churches.There are many people who consider the Ekatondapiliani as one of the attractions in Paros that should not be missed. This is because its quietude offers a great contrast to the busy port nearby, which you will pass on your way to the church. The chapel itself, with its gold-plated icons, may not have such a good light source but what illumination it gets from the icons makes up for it. This makes the chapel a very cool place to visit if you want some peace and quiet. At the right side of the church's courtyard is a small museum that displays icons from the church.

Address: Central Square, Parikia 84400, Greece