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      Several islands make up the Dodocanese Islands. They have another name - the Twelve Islands even though they number more. They differ much from one another in terms of geography. Some are dry and devoid of life; other islands are fertile and verdant. Architecturally, the inhabited ones have similar characteristics. The waves of invaders have left their marks. There are the pale homes on Chora, the classical columns on Kos, the monastery of St. John on Pátmos and the mosques on Rhodes. If you go to Rhodes, be sure to visit Ixia (Ialiossos). If you spend a weekend in Ixia, you will be able to sample much of what the island has to offer you. You will also be able to use this town as a base for island hopping. Rhodes main attractions include its acropolis and its archaeological zone. Other Ixia sights are the Filérimos Monastery and the partially subterranean Church of St. George Hostós. There are faint 14th and 15th century frescoes in this barrel-vaulted church. There are other things to do in Ixia besides look at churches. You can go shopping in Ixia, buying examples of the Ixia culture, or visit the microwinery near Petaloúdes. Another part of Ixia tourism is to follow the path of the Via Crucis leading to an enormous cross.