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The little village of Kallithea, located about 51 miles from Poligiros has a population of about 500 people. A perfect destination spot for an enjoyable, relaxing getaway for a weekend, Kallithea is a contemporary cosmopolitan vacation resort with a sandy shoreline, fringed by pine trees. Not only do people come to enjoy its lovely beaches, but they are impressed with its incredible archaeological finds. There are several sites that are well-known tourist attractions such as the Shrine to Dionysous and the Nymphs, the Doric Shrine to Zeus Ammon. If youd like to see some fascinating murals, the Agios Panteleimon chapel is worth visiting. Kallithea hotels offer some of the most accommodating features in the area. There are a variety of delightful and charming hotels in Kallithea. Most Kallithea hotels are conveniently located in and around the city. As far as finding great rates on discount hotels, Kallithea has many to choose from. In Kallithea, cheap hotels provide services that on par with other hotels. For the perfect price for your budget, book your vacation now at