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    Lindos is one of the most important archeological sites in Greece. Located in the island of Rhodes, Lindos is known primarily for its Acropolis, located on top of a hill, housing a collection of structures that dates back up to the 2nd century BC. Lindos Beach is also a popular destination for most travelers for the weekend. Lindos Beach will let you bathe in the sun or in the water while getting a magnificent view of the Acropolis. There are also medieval structures such as the Castle of the Knights of St John built during the 14th century and the Greek Orthodox Church of St John estimated to have been built in the same century with the same Byzantine architecture. The hotels in Lindos are usually located at the foot of the hill of Acropolis. There are also Lindos hotels located on the beach. If you wish to take advantage of packages offered by discount hotels, Lindos has a good variety. The best Lindos cheap hotels and their packages can be booked online via