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Etoloakarnania (also spelled Aetolia-Acarnania and Aitoloakarnania) is a prefecture in the western part of Greece. It is divided into the provinces of Messolonghi, Nafpaktia, Trichonida, Valtos, and Vonitsa & Xiromeros. The capital city of Etoloakarnania is Mesolongi, but the largest community and most important financial center is Agrinion. When you stay at a budget hotel in Etoloakarnania, you are in the heart of the Classical Greece of history and myth. The mountainous countryside was the land of Herakles and Alexander the Great.People come here for the gorgeous scenery and the beautiful weather. You can enjoy the mountains, or go to lovely sandy beaches. Mythology lovers can take a boat trip to the island of Ithaki, home of Homers Odysseus. Mesolongi is called Greeces Sacred City. The town and its castle played an important role in the Greek fight for independence from the Turks. The Heroes Garden commemorates the English poet Lord Byron and others who died in the war. The Mesolongi Town Hall is also a museum, and has an interesting display of historic artifacts. Look out over the sea from Aktion, and you are looking at the place where Octavians fleet defeated the fleet of Marc Antony and Cleopatra. Here you can also see the ruins of a Venetian citadel. At the coastal town of Nafpaktos you can see the site of the great sea battle of Lepanto. Two medieval fortresses still guard the harbor. Check our listings at for cheap hotels in Etoloakarnania.