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        After the island of Crete, Evia Island is the largest island in Greece. The attractions range from its therapeutic spring waters in the north to the green forests of the interior highlands. There are warm coastal waters to bathe in and archaeological sites to explore. Plan to stay a weekend in Halkida: there are many things to see and do there. Halkida is the largest town in Evia. It is the capital of the island. One of the things you can do in Halkida is to take a bus to Erétria to visit the House of Mosaics and the Archaeological Museum. There are also many Halkida attractions. There is the 15th century Mosque of Emir Zade and the 13th century basilica of St. Paraskeví. Other Halkida sights include the Church of St. Nicholas and the remains of the old Venetian Fortress of Carabara. In the Fortress, you can see the history of Halkida culture in its Folk Museum. From there, you can go shopping in Halkida on the waterfront.