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Evros is a prefecture in Greece. It is named after the Evros River, and occupies the most northern and eastern part of the country, bordering Turkey and Bulgaria. When you book into a discount hotel in Evros, you are in the heart of the ancient Greek region of Thrace. According to legend, this was the birthplace of the rebel gladiator hero Spartacus.The capital of Evros is Alexandroupoli, one of many communities named after Alexander the Great. This town is near the Dadia Forest Reserve, which is supported by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Bird lovers come here to see black and griffin vultures. At nearby Feres you can see Panagia Kosmosotira, a 12th century church known for its five lofty domes. Just down the highway in Soufli there is a museum that commemorates the regions long lost silk industry. In the town of Didymotiho you can see ruins of an ancient Byzantine fortress and a Seljuk mosque. The prefecture of Evros includes the island of Samothrace, which is dominated by Mount Fengari. This is the highest summit in the Aegean, and is popular with climbers. According to Homer, it was from here that the god Poseidon watched a battle of the Trojan War. Visitors can see a ravine that is still called the Sanctuary of the Great Gods. The ruins are eerily impressive. Check the listings here at for information on cheap hotels in Evros, Greece.