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      You can locate Hania on a map of Crete. Hania (or Chamia) is home to many ancient civilizations and miles of seashore. You can go to ancient Lissos crossing the gorge and climbing a mountainside to see the ruins of Asclepios. In Chamia City, there is the Church of Saint Salvatore and the Archeological Museum of Hania. You can also choose to visit Platanias. Consider your options by looking at the various sites including Platanias tourism. Also, look into hotels by checking out This may help you decide where to stay during your visit.There are several things to do in Platanias. Major Platanias sights include several churches. There are Panagia Church, St. Paraskevi Church, St. George Church, St. Nekatarios Church, Saint Anthony Church and Christ Church. To an extent, Platanias culture articulates itself in its religion. Besides the churches, Platanias attractions consist of the fine beach. You can spend a weekend in Platanias on its beach or take a boat to the Island of Theodore. You may also decide to go shopping in Platanias for traditional jewelry in the community shop or in the main square.