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Located in the western end of the island of Crete is the small fishing village of Kolimbari. The place is primarily known as a village dedicated to fishing and its role in the Battle of Crete, referred to as the first battle that was won with the help of an air strike. This is evident in the yearly festival of the village properly named the Battle of Crete, every may 21. Aside from the beaches that are visited during the weekend, Kolimbari is also flocked every summer because of its religious festival, the Virgin Mary's Assumption held every 14th of August. Their deep religiosity can be traced back to the 17th century as chronicled in the Gonia Monastery. Works of art from as early as the Byzantine period are also on display. The hotels in Kolimbari are scattered all over the area. The beach may be a great place to visit but the surrounding villages offers a livelier side of the beach. However, Kolimbari hotels attract visitors because of the rates that can rival many discount hotels. Kolimbari travel packages are even cheaper if you book them in where added services such as guided tours are provided. If you are traveling on a budget, Kolimbari cheap hotels can be a good option.