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The island of Crete has numerous beaches that you can visit during a summer weekend. Platanias beach is one of the beaches that draw many visitors, and it is known for the great view it provides. You can sit lazily on the beach and you can see the Thodorou Island from there. Legend has it that on this island, there was a monster that was petrified by the Virgin Mary and St. George when it tried to attack the village. Currently, the island is a natural reserve that is home to the protected Kri-Kri, Greeces very own goat. Near Platanias, you can find another village called Maleme where there is a beautiful beach and an ancient tomb called the Tholos tomb, built either during the Minoan or the Mycenaean period. The beaches in Platanias are very clean and safe. Even though there are many hotels in Platanias beach, you will find very little littering around. Platanias hotels have collectively made efforts to ensure that the beach is always in good condition. If you want to save more during your vacation in Platanias, cheap hotels are available along the beaches. If you are looking for the best discount hotels, Platanias has some of them available for booking at the web site.