Hotels in Amoudara

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Amoudara Details

Ammoudia is a fishing village located in the municipality of Fanari in the Preveza Prefecture. The Ionian Sea lies just the west of Ammoudia. The terrain around Ammoudia is mostly farmland but there are some mountains and hills that cover the northern and eastern parts. The close location to Fanari coupled with the fishing attraction make Ammoudia a perfect escape for the weekend. Ammoudia is basically unpopulated by permanent residents. The hotels in Ammoudia are available to meet any budget. Ammoudia hotels offer diverse services and amenities to suit any traveler’s needs. The discount hotels Ammoudia has to offer can be located easily with Staying in Ammoudia cheap hotels can free up budget space for fishing and local attractions.Byzantine Castle can be found in nearby Fanari. The castle is the only saved Byzantine castle of the region. It is known to be the best maintained as well. Fanari is also the home to the famous Ag Theodori Lighthouse. It was built in 1829 and then reconstructed to its original plans after the earthquake in 1875. Amvrakian Wetlands are located in the Amvrakian Gulf at the double delta. Not only does it inhabit a unique ecosystem of salt water vegetation, there are also many different species of birds. Many of the animals and birds found here are endangered.