Hotels in Kalamaki Pyrgiotissis

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Kalamaki Pyrgiotissis Details

Crete offers its visitors many wonderful attractions. A small hidden treasure is the village of Kalamaki Pyrgiotissis. If you want quiet and solitude, find a hotel in Kalamaki Pyrgiotissis. The pace is slower here. You can also sample true Cretan life and culture. Attend the small Greek Orthodox Church. It features the same simple design of others on the island. White, with an open bell tower over the door entrance, its blue roof challenges the sky. Take a walk through the church cemetery. Here lies the village’s past, laid out for all to see.Sit in a small tavern and drink wine with the locals. Take a walk along the pier and watch the fishermen. There is the sandy beach on which to laze. Watch the clouds float by or listen to the murmuring of the water. If you have the energy, get up out of your Kalamaki Pyrgiotissis hotel and take a look at the local Minoan ruins. Somewhat further afield is the Minoan Palace of Phaestos. A small, friendly Kalamaki Pyrgiotissis budget hotel is yours for the having in