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    On the Peloponnese of Greece, is a rural area where tomatoes thrive. It is also a region where beach goers enjoy their sports and mountains climb. This is Ilia, the smallest nome in the Peloponnese. Here lie the Mycenaean tombs near Miraka and the golden cornfields of the fertile plain. While in the region, you should visit Olympia, home of the Olympic Games. Here you will find meadows of cypress and olive trees as well as the Kronin hill. You may decide to spend a weekend in Olympia. Before you make your decision, look into for nearby hotels and into Olympia tourism for suggestions on sights and activities.The major things to do in Olympia revolve around visiting Ancient Olympia. As a result, the main Olympia attractions focus on the old site of the town. Here, you wander the remains of the gymnasium and the ruins of the Temple of Olympian Zeus and those of the Temple of Hera. Other ancient Olympia sights are the Altar of Oaths, the stadium Entrance and Pheidias Workshop. These ancient sites are a part of Olympia culture as are the displays in the Ancient Olympia Archeological Museum. Olympia also has three more museums. One, the Museum of the Olympic Games, is in modern Olympia. You can go shopping in Olympia in the museum gift shops or just off the main street in modern Olympia.