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    Ioannina is one of the largest prefectures in mainland Greece, and is located in the region of Epirus. The first evidence of human existence in the prefecture goes back as far as the Paleolithic period, 38,000 years ago, as testified by the discovery of stone tools found in the cavern of Kastritsa. Although surrounded by rugged and mountainous landscapes, Ioannina conceals fertile lands and, being less familiar to tourists than the Greek islands, visitors benefit from a vacation during which they can appreciate the area’s natural and unspoiled beauty. It is a region of high mountains, deep gorges, beautiful lakes and clear water streams. The area is indeed well known for its spring water, Zagori, which is sold throughout much of Greece. can offer a range of discount and cheap hotels in Ioannina to serve as your base for sightseeing and exploration.The capital of the prefecture, also called Ioannina, lies on the western side of Lake Pamvotis and one of the most notable attractions of the city is set on the islet on the lake. Passengers can reach the islet via a 15-minute ride on small motorboats and once there, they can visit the Moni Panteleimonos monastery, a former refuge of Ali Pasha which has now been converted into a museum containing, amongst its other treasures, re-creations of Ali Pasha’s living quarters. The island, with its small winding streets, also features gift shops, churches and even bakeries. Whether you choose a hotel in the city of Ioannina or elsewhere in the region, your excursions will take you to the caves of Perama, the war museum in Kalpaki and the beautiful village of Metsovo which, in winter, serves as a ski resort.