Hotels in Kalymnos

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Kalymnos Details

In the south-eastern Aegean Sea is the island of Kalymnos. Many tourists choose to visit the island for rock climbing, so if you like to stay active on vacation, Kalymnos may be a great place for you to visit. There are many caves in the island of archaeological or stone value and the cave in Kefala has now been opened to the public. If climbing rocks or discovering caves arent the activities for you, and you prefer to simply relax, you could either do this in one of the budget hotels in Kalymnos provided by, or on one of the fantastic beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches in the island is Platis Gialos; with its clear water and black sand, it is a truly unforgettable place.The capital town of Kalymnos, Pothia, is very pretty and full of culture. With an open-air cinema and a cultural centre to attract tourists and plenty of little taverns to grab a bite to eat in, you are sure to find something to do here. If you are looking for nightlife, the best place to go is Massouri, where you will find some great bars. Whatever you want to do on your vacation, there are cheap hotels in Kalymnos to choose from and you are sure to have a fantastic time.