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      To the west of the Aegean Sea is the island of Skopelos, which has a fantastic range of wildlife and architecture that fascinate many tourists who visit this stunning place. The island is beautifully quiet and doesn't get too many tourists so is fantastic for anybody who wants some peace when they go on vacation. If you are interested in the history of the island, you may like to visit the folklore museum, which is located in Chora, and if you would like to experience some of the islands culture and are dressed appropriately, you could also visit the nunnery dedicated to Virgin Mary. If youre more into nightlife, there are clubs and bars located in Skopelos town which are highly sophisticated and can appeal to many different types of people. Most of the beaches of the island are pebbled, but if you prefer sandy beaches, you may want to try Limnonari. For those who prefer, Velanio is, although unofficially, a nudist beach.