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The city of Kastoria is a captivating place. It is nestled on a peninsula that is located on the shore of Lake Orestiada. The area is in a valley, and bordered by mountains made from limestone. Trout and trout fishing is one of the most popular things about Kastoria, and many people come here to relax and fish every year. Those who are entranced with Ottoman and Byzantine architecture will thoroughly enjoy the many structures in Kastoria. Discount hotels in Kastoria can help to keep the cost of a relaxing holiday a little less.When you are tired of fishing, you will enjoy a stroll through the Museum of Byzantine History, or a walk down one of Kastorias streets to admire the 17th, 18th, and 19th century mansions that once belonged to families who worked in the fur business. Spring and summer in Kastoria brings out the traditional rowers, who do this each year. The budget hotels in Kastoria are inviting, and make an ideal retreat for those who come here on holiday.