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    Korinthia lies in front of the Plain of Argos. In its south there are the hilly regions while, in the north there is the Corinth Canal. The principal site in Korinthia is Ancient Corinth. You may also want, however, to visit Isthmia. Look up hotel possibilities in and consider your Korinthia and Isthmia tourism options before you venture into this portion of Greece. You might want to spend a weekend in Isthmia.The most significant of the Isthmia attractions is the revered sanctuary dedicated to the God Poseidon. Here the Greeks held the celebrated Isthmian Games. Other popular Isthmia sights encompass the Hexamilion Fortress. One wall stands at 200 tall. You can also go to see the Roman Bath ruins as well as the foundations of a temple and the remains of the starting gate, part of the original game site. For a feel of ancient Isthmia culture, visit the ruins or go to the museum near the game site. These are the main things to do in Isthmia. You can also go shopping in Isthmia at the museum shop.