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Western Thessaly includes the Thessaly Plain and the region of Larissa. You can find at ancient Krannon old ruins. Larissa is host of several Neolithic and Early Bronze Age mounds. Near Mount Ossa, near Denra, you can tour Mycenaean tholos tombs. If you have a weekend in Larissa, take time to see these and to visit Larissa, the city.Larissa tourism boasts of the ancient Acropolis and its columns. This and the Archeological Museum are some of Larissa attractions. For Larissa culture, you can go to the ancient sites or visit the notable Museum of Folk Art. This museum contains domestic and cultural aspects of the town and regions past. Other popular Larissa sights include the 20th century art collection at the Pinakothiki, the university and the ruins of the Byzantine Fortress. There are other things to do in Larissa. You can walk in Alkazar Park beside the river Piniós. You can also go shopping in Sapaká and Makaríou. Look in for help in finding a local or regional hotel.