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Larissa is one city in Greece that you shouldn’t miss. In this town, you will find the highest mountain in Greece, the world famous Mt Olympus. Known for its role in mythology and height, mountain climbers will be fascinated to climb this mountain. Along the way, they will find the Shrine of Zeus in the south end the Shrine of Apollo in the western end and the Chapel of Prophet Elijah in the northern end which is probably the easiest route. Mt. Ossa is of the same magnitude and almost a twin of the Olympus. Going down the city, you should visit the Medieval Fortress that speaks of its generous past. Also, there’s the Lárisa Archeological Museum where objects from the Paleolithic period up to the early Christian period are on display.In an enchanting weekend, Larissa will give you a glimpse of its past though their various sites. The hotels in Larissa are located near these places to give the visitors a view. Perhaps, you should check out the special packages in their discount hotels. Larissa is also the haven for mountain climbers. There is a wide selection of Larissa hotels available for your fancies. If you want to know more about Larissa, cheap hotels and its attractions can be found in