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        The region of Lassithi includes the Lassithi Plateau, once popular for its white-clothed windmills. On the regions far eastern tip, you can locate the Minoan Palace at Zákros or a palace at Mália. There are also several relaxed beaches at Vái, Palékastra and Kserócampos. You can also pay a visit to Ierapetre, the most southern city in Europe, according to Ierapetre tourism.Ierapetre attractions include its labyrinth streets that snake through the city. Other sights include the 19th century mosque, the Ottoman Fountain and the Venetian Fortress. There are also two churches: Aféndis Christós and St. Ioánnis. Ierapetre culture emanates from the Church, the mosque and its major cultural events the Kyrvia Festival. It celebrates the life of the town and of Greece in music, dance and theater. Other things to do in Ierapetre include a day trip to Chrissi Island with its excellent beaches and sand dunes. You can also go shopping in Ierapetre or visit the archeological museum. Try for a weekend in Ierapetre. Look in for hotel suggestions.