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Lefkada Details

The Ionian Island of Lefkada offers its visitors variety. The island connects to the mainland by a long causeway winding its way through lagoons. There are a series of fortresses to admire as well as marshes, a rugged coastline and some beautiful beaches. You can always visit Vassiliki and Nydrhri, two resort towns. Vassiliki tourism does tend to focus on the beach. The Port of the Goat, the water sport facilities and equipment and the wind, comprise much of Vassiliki attractions. Things to do in Vassiliki, after all, emphasize such things as windsurfing. You can go to Cape Lefkátas for its beaches, go shopping in Vassiliki just off the harbor or at Pórto Katsiki. Here you may see a glimpse of local Vassiliki culture as many of the older women still wear traditional dresses. Other options include such Vassiliki sights as the towering cliffs and the nearby lighthouse on the site of a former Temple of Lefkas Apollo.