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    The Greek Island of Lesbos is in third place for the biggest Greek Island. Despite its size, it has somehow managed to avoid becoming busy with tourists at certain times of the year like some of the other islands in the country of Greece. If you know you want to visit Greece, but are unsure as to just where in the country you want to go, consider Lesbos. On this island, you can experience what the real Greece is like for those who live here year around. You will have much to do and many attractions and venues to go see on Lesbos. The discount hotels on Lesbos can range from large and luxurious to small and homelike.Lesbos offers both sand and pebble beaches, several natural thermal pools and spas, a wonderful petrified forest, and a wide assortment of more than 1400 types of flowers, plants, and olive trees. The Lesbos market and other shops are sure to please those who enjoy shopping. Walking and bird watching are very popular pastimes for those who visit Lesbos. Spend an afternoon at the Theophilos Museum, and the city has a wealth of old mansions and castles to admire as well. Cheap hotels in Lesbos are consistently booked to capacity during the most popular times of the year. Take the time to plan your next holiday, and make your hotel reservations in advance.