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Macedonia may well be one of the better-known regions of Greece, if only because some years ago the Macedonian region of what was Yugoslavia declared independence. To say that Macedonia has history would be an understatement. This region's past reaches back thousands of years, leaving many artifacts to fascinate the student of history. The connection with Alexander the Great is of great interest to those who choose a Macedonia hotel. The region is awash in the history of Alexander, one of the great leaders in history. Travel to Macedonia and discover some of the finest architecture and art anywhere in the world.This portion of Greece has a rather rugged landscape, but is still considered a marvellous agricultural area. Visitors who choose a discount hotel in Macedonia will find productive crops of grain, olives, fruit and much more. Winemaking and tobacco farming are also a significant part of the area's economy. The capital city of Thessaloniki is an important port and a center of manufacturing and small business, but is also a culturally rich city. The White Tower is a city landmark. The island of Thasos is a drawing card for tourism. Travelers who check with for a hotel in Macedonia are also close to the world-famous region around Mount Olympus.