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Discussions of the geography in Messinia have to include mountains, like the Arcadian Mountains. But a visitor to this region should also plan to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean and the islands, which border Messinia on the south and west. Agriculture is an important part of the economy here, as visitors venturing from their discount Messinia hotel will discover. Improvements in rail and highway transportation in recent decades have helped the areas economic growth. The capital of the province, Kalamata, is known for its olive production, considered a must try item for many visitors.But those who check with to find a hotel in Messinia will discover wonderful beaches on which to enjoy the sun, as well as villages on the sea that offer a great atmosphere. Outdoor activities abound here, with some of the cleanest beach areas in the country. Travelers enjoy trying their hand at go-kart racing or while away a few hours in one of the tavernas that get the visitor close to the local population. A budget Messinia hotel is a perfect place to establish a base when enjoying the dance festival for which the capital city is well-known. In addition, some of the smaller cities, towns and villages offer excellent sightseeing at Venetian castles and age-old fortresses. Tourists often take photographs of the Bourtzi, which has a history as a prison and place for torture. Dont miss a chance to sample some of the local wine when in the region.