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        Phocis has been a part of Greece ever since 480 BC. The capital of Phocis is a city called Amfissa. Other cities in Phocis include Delphi, Itea, and Galaxidi. Phocis is mountainous in both the south and the east, while the west and north are verdant with forests and other greenery. There are many interesting sights to see in the city of Delphi. One of these is the primeval Oracle. These ruins were once thought to be the very center of the world by the ancient Greek people, and the city of Delphi was considered the holiest place in the world. A very popular attraction, the Oracle is sometimes quite crowded. There are discount hotels in Phocis that are very near to Delphi and other attractions that are nearby the ruins.Other historical attractions include the Castalia Springs, the Temple of Apollo, Mount Olympus, the Delphi Theater, the Port of Itea, the Delphi Museum, and the Ancient Ruins of Marmaria. Phocis is a popular place to find a hotel, as it is not quite as busy as the city of Delphi. Cheap hotels in Phocis are often booked to capacity. Plan to reserve a room once you know the dates you will be arriving in Greece.