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        Delfi is considered to be a modern town of Greece and an archeological site. It was the site of the important oracle for the god Apollo. Delfi is located on the plateau slope of Mount Parnassus. Delfi is about 10 miles from the harbor city of Kirrha. Due to Delfis status as an archeological site, it is a great place to visit for the weekend. Delfi, where it is located now, was moved off of the old site so the artifacts and temples could be viewed and excavated. Delfi hotels are available for the tourist on any budget. The hotels in Delfi offer a wide range of services to meet anyones needs. The discount hotels Delfi has available can be found with ease using Staying in Delfi cheap hotels is an excellent way for travelers to stretch their budget. Sanctuary of Apollo contains the oracle of Apollo and is one of the reasons Delfi has become such a popular destination. Around the 8th century there was an influx of artifacts being discovered at this site. The Tholos at the Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia was constructed between 380 B.C. and 330 B.C. It contains 20 Doric columns and 10 interior Corinthian columns. It is the most popular Delfi tourist attraction. Green Mountains of Kirrha are located within a very short distance from Delfi. The Green Mountains at Kirrha come right down into the sea and when the green of the mountains and the blue of the water combine, it is a must see for all tourists. It is one of the reasons why Kirrha is such a popular destination.