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The mountain landscape along the shorelines of Phthiotis gives way to flatter or more-rolling lowlands in the central part of this prefecture in Greece. But Phthiotis is generally known as a land of mountains and a destination with fine beaches. Areas thick with trees make a day in the outdoors a joy, especially if a Phthiotis hotel is the starting point. Visitors who let assist in finding a discount Phthiotis hotel can enjoy the sport of winter skiing or thermal springs that attract many visitors. Spas abound in and around Phthiotis. Some travelers seek out the modern city of Lamia for its commerce, cultural amenities and interesting main squares.Phthiotis also offers a rich cultural heritage, with castles and churches to please the discerning eye. A museum in Lamia displays items from the region's past. Many who have been exposed to Greek history know of Thermopylae, which is a short distance from the capital city of Lamia. The prefecture also has a strong commercial and agricultural base, with fishing, dairy industry and tourism as driving factors. Find a budget hotel in Phthiotis and be one of the history aficionados who delight in the town of Ipati and the monastery that dates back hundreds of years.