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    Pieria is located in northern Greece, and is becoming a very popular destination for tourists, whether they are traveling single or in a group. Even though the population of Pieria is less than a thousand, this little village is well known for its Byzantine architecture, lovely beach, and the Pieria Cave. Visitors to Pieria who enjoy architecture will enjoy the village of Dion, with its own archaeological park that is nestled at the foot of Mount Olympus, and Pydna with its lush Macedonia splendor. Cheap hotels in Pieria are elegant and hospitable.Pydna, Pieria is also the home of a well-known Macedonia tomb, Sani beach, and the Thermian Gulf. Platamon, Pieria is considered the most outstanding tourist mecca in all of Pieria. Here you will find the Castle of Platamon, a venetian castle, and the coming restoration of a railway line. The views in Platamon are splendid, and must be seen to be believed. Discount hotels in Pieria cater to their guests with superb service and excellent facilities.