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    Gritsa is a small community in the prefecture of Pieria in Greece. It is northeast of the town of Litochoro, and is in fact Litochoros port. Some visitors come to discount hotels in Gritsa for the sandy beaches and the wonderful scenery. The mountain trails are a hikers dream. The lower slopes are still cloaked with forests, and the wildflowers put on a sensational seasonal show. For most of the tourists who come here, however, the draw is Greek history and mythology. Gritsa and Litochoro lie within sight of legendary Mount Olympus, the lofty home of the Greek gods. The range that includes Mount Olympus is now part of the Olympus National Park. Most of the hiking trails up to the famous peak begin just southwest of Litochoro. At the village of Dion, which was once a military camp for King Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great, there is an excellent museum. You can still see the ruins left behind by the Greeks and Romans. They include a temple of Zeus, Roman baths and a theater. Most exciting are the mosaics that have been excavated in the last 15 years, a project that is still in progress. This destination is a must for any student of Classical Greece. You can find information on cheap hotels in Gritsa in the listings.